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Winter Activities That Go Beyond Skiing and Snowboarding

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Winter Activities that go Beyond Skiing and Snowboarding

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When did the event take place?

Outhouse Racing took place on Jan.16 2016.

Shovel Racing took place on Feb.6 2016.

 Is this news local Marin, state California, national in the United States or international outside the United States?

This is outside California.

Where did the event take place?

The event took place in Minnesota.

Who is this story about?

This article is not about a person.

Why did this happen?

It happened so it can make winter sports more exciting.

What happened?

Most people have normal winter sports like skiing, sledding, ice-skating, and snowboarding and those sports provide enough excitement. The people that control the ice and snow want to take better use of the abandoned ice and snow and do different sports with them. In January through March the weather in Minnesota gets down to about -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead of sleeping, the people of Minnesota go out into the snow and play sports.

How it does happen?

Ice Car Racing

One sport is called ice car racing. When you race you are racing for fun. The cars have wheels with spikes on them so the car won’t slip in the snow. This sport is fun and dangerous. The races start around noon. The snow is 18 inches thick or more! First, you take a few warm up laps. When it’s time the person with the flag would wave the flag and the race would begin.

There could only be ten cars in one race. The first three cars that cross the finish line on the regular lap get to go to the finals. In the finals, you do fifteen laps on the street that’s covered in snow. This sport can be in New York, Alaska, and France. Some cars can go up to 100 miles an hour! There have been some accidents. You are allowed to have L.E.D. (light emitting diode) lights on your car. They use LED lights because the brighter lights reflect the light on the snow and distracts the driver.  For fans this sport provides more excitement.

Outhouse Racing

Outhouse racing is usually on the third Saturday. Outhouse racing is when you build a small house with three sides. You bring your small house to the competition and the judges will put the small house on skies. The person that built the house would hop inside and when the race starts people will race in the house that they built and race across the snow packed roads.

There is a funny rule that a toilet and toilet paper have to be inside the outhouse. There are different races for seniors, adults, teens, and kids. There can also be an obstacle course as a bonus. This sport took place in Washington state on January 16, 2016.


Shovel Racing

Shovel racing is when you are riding on a shovel through the snow. It’s dangerous and fun. They do it so it can be fun shoveling snow. It is a real race at the same time! The competition took place on February 6, 2016. Anyone at any age can compete. There are no teams, everyone is on their own. You have to wear a helmet.