From October 18, 2015

Streams of water spotted on Mars

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Streams of water spotted on Mars

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Kids Post, The Washington Post

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National Geographic 1

National Geographic 2


Is this news local Marin, state California, national in the United States or international outside the United States?

This scene takes place in our Solar System.


Who is this story about?

This article is about water spotted on Mars.


What happened?

In 2008 they found frozen water and ice on Mars, in 2015 they found liquid water. There was salt water spotted on Mars. They think it was melted ice or sand or rocks with water in it. In 2008 they discovered ice on Mars.

The water streams were about 12 to 15 feet. Water is a sign of life and health. In 2008 NASA found ice on Mars. They have seen water on Mars before. NASA is trying to figure out what caused the water. Rovers are finding humidity in the air.

It seem that water is flowing on the surface of Mars mostly in the summer time.

In the 2030s NASA is going to try to send astronauts to Mars so NASA can see if humans can live on Mars.  A clue for life is if they collect rocks and soil and bring it back to earth so scientists can look at them closely and break it apart to see if water is inside.


When did the event take place?

They confirmed water in 2008 but they continue to find water.


How did it happen? Why did it happen?

It either happened because of melted ice or sand and rocks with water in them.


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