From October 5, 2015

My Trip to the A’S Game

This past summer I went to the A’s game with my dad. We gave the man our bags and it went it into some kind of belt. Then we gave him our tickets. Then we were in the stadium. We got A’s jerseys for free! We looked at our seat number. We found our seats. When we were waiting for the game to start there was some entertainment on the baseball field! We saw a fake elephant in a car rolling around the stadium. It rolled around twice! Then the game started! The A’s were in the field first. They were playing the Tampa bay rays. The rays guy hit the ball in the outfield Sam Fuld caught it! They got two more outs. Then the inning was over.

My dad got me a hot dog! In the 9th inning, which is the last inning it was tied. The A’s were up to bat!  Then Stephen Vogt hit a home run! The A’s had won! Then we left the stadium.

Today I had a baseball game and in the first inning I hit a ball into left field and my team scored! It was 1 to 0. In the second inning I hit it to shortstop and it went between his legs! Then I had to go to church!